Royal Golf Club

Royal Golf Club in Wilanów is a place designed for golf enthusiasts not only for those with not only those with advanced golfing skills but also for the beginners, who are exploring and discovering the joy of golfing.


The name and the location (in the vicinity of Royal Palace of Wilanów) are obliging. It is a prestigious Club for all golfers, who value ethical sportsmanship and real sport competition. At the same time the Club is a place for get-together meetings, where not only the golf rounds, most interesting holes are discussed but also Club Members share their passions and interests, follow golf tournaments, celebrate important Club events. Together with Golf Parks Poland, the owner of Club’’s residence at Vogla 19 Street, our Club Members get involved into promotion of golf and support given to Junior golfers. In cooperation with PROs of Ekberg Golf Academy, our Members gain professional golf support at every stage of their golf development, both in the beginning and also when working on getting to a more advanced level. The series of tournaments: Royal Series are gaining growing visibility and appreciation among even the international golf society.


Liga Turniejowa 2022


PozycjaNazwisko i imięRundyPunkty
1Radwan Tomasz9302
2Kosiorek Przemysław8301
3Chorąży Dariusz9299
4Ernst Andrzej9289
5Krukowski Jacek9281


PozycjaNazwisko i imięRundyPunkty
1Ciesielska Dorota9306
2Bilska Ewa7252
3Ostrowska Agnieszka Aldona8245
4Malewicz Małgorzata6218
5Sołonin Ewa6186

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