Ekberg Golf Academy History

Data publikacji: 19.06.2011

Ekberg Golf Academy was established in 2005, it provides individual lessons as well as group lessons, ladies and childrens programs, greencard courses, corporate days/programs and golf holidays abroad.

EGA now is based in Wilanow, ‘Golf Parks Poland’ where it has been since 2009. Previously it was at ‘City Golf’, Targowek (2008) and started in ‘First Warsaw Golf and Country Club’ Rajszew (2005, 2006, 2007).

EGA is currently sponsored by ‘Grupa Inwest’.

EGA has been leading the way in getting new golfers into the game of golf the last 5 years. Polish Golf Union shows EGA has given out the most greencards in Poland in 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006. In 2007 the second most EGA custom fits its clients with Ping golf equipment. EGA is distributing Ping and Glenmuir golf products in Poland.

EGA professional team is the only golf academy/facility in Poland that has 4 fully qualified golf professionals.

David Ekberg who is ‘Head Teaching Professional’, and founder of EGA became a ‘Fully qualified Golf Professional in Australia in the year 2000. In addition David has since been awarded AAA classification by the Australian PGA, the highest possible honors awarded by the Professional Golf Association of Australia. David was awarded ‘PGA Poland Teacher of
the Year in 2007’.

Ekberg Golf Academy
‘Golf Parks Poland’
Ul Z. Wogla 19
Wilanow, Warszawa


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